Committed to improving your business, 浩博体育app提供创新, 安全, and Efficient machinery backed by honest, 专用的, and engaged people who enjoy their work and who’s word you can trust.


詹姆斯L. Taylor创立了浩博体育app网站于1911年生产他的专利快速调整,自锁杆夹. This patented clamp was a significant step forward in the edge gluing of lumber. In the 1920’s, the Taylor revolving Clamp Carrier was developed and patented. It was a major first step toward mass production. In 1940 Taylor engineers developed the Panel Flo, a continuous feed edge gluing machine. 从一开始,Panel Flo就被誉为大规模生产粘合的答案. In 1950 Taylor introduced the Panel Mint, 一种间歇式半自动封边机,填补了夹紧机和全自动封边机之间的空白. 在五六十年代, Taylor designed new cost cutting accessories to compliment the Panel Flo and Panel Mint. These included the Conveyorized Glue Applicator, Mix-Mizer and Automatic Cut Off Saw. 也是在60年代, Taylor通过引入气动夹紧器和面板压扁器,重新设计了夹紧器设计. During the 1970’s, the Taylor Panel-Mint was the machine of choice. 这种设计精良的蒸汽加热间歇式压力机与低成本的尿素树脂胶相匹配,被许多家具制造商用于生产硬木和软木板. Midway through the 1980’s, Taylor designed and produced the first Automated Clamp Carrier. 这改变了夹具载体线的方向,并使其成为边缘胶机的行业标准. 我们的挑战者奖获奖者和决赛选手名单最能说明我们的创新历史:

  • 1986 – Automated Clamp Carrier – Winner
  • 1988年,Opti-Sizer -冠军
  • 1992 – Dual Automated Clamp Carrier – Finalist
  • 1994 – Automated Glue Applicator – Finalist
  • 1996 – Side Loading Clamp Carrier – Finalist
  • 2002年-优胜者
  • 2012 -地板巢-冠军

直到2014年8月, 浩博体育app制造 operated out of a 45,000 square foot factory in the city of Poughkeepsie, NY. Taylor had resided in this facility since 1911. 多年来,该建筑不断扩建和更新,以继续为我们的客户提供优质的机器. 今天, 浩博体育app制造, JLT夹, and Cameron Automation all reside in the same building, a 100,000 square foot facility in the town of Poughkeepsie, NY. 离我们的旧设施只有几分钟的路程, 我们的新工厂使我们能够扩大作为一个公司,并不断改进我们的制造工艺. 我们由经验丰富的专业人员和年轻工程师组成的平衡团队将继续开发新技术以提高效率, 可靠性, 产品质量.


  • Michael Burdis - International 销售

    我有40多年的工作经验. I am in the office most days and am happy to help you with parts, 技术问题, 或维护. My current sales focus is in international sales. Feel free to call me or send an email anytime.

  • Andy Miller - Nester销售经理

    I started out with Taylor in 1989 as a Service Engineer. The first few years were spent learning the industry and the equipment. In 1994, 我升任区域销售经理,并将我所学到的设备技术知识运用到销售中. 2002年是Cameron Automation诞生的一年,我与这个新部门的产品和市场开发密切合作. As a long time salesman with Taylor/Cameron and JLT夹, 我的工作是亲自确保客户对所购买的设备感到满意,并确保设备能完成它需要做的工作. I’d be happy to work with you finding the right machine for your application.

  • Chris Hacker - Southeast Regional 销售

    在我们的机械生产线上与我们的客户和分销商密切合作,我感到非常自豪. While providing the highest quality machinery and offering superior service, 同样重要的是, 我相信, to help the customer find the right machine for their current and future needs. My success over the past 21 years at 詹姆斯L. 浩博体育app和制造 & JLT夹是在木工行业建立长期合作关系的结果. 销售 & Marketing has been and continues to be my main area of responsibility and expertise.

  • 布莱恩·史密斯- JLT销售

    I had the pleasure of starting at 詹姆斯L. 浩博体育app和制造. Co. 2020年2月. 在那之前, 我在当地一家气动元件经销商那里做了20年的外聘销售代表, technical support and customer service.  During that time JLT and I had a great working relationship.  事实上, one of my best sales memories with JLT as one of my premier customers at the time, 是在推广Dial Regulator吗.  这是我们的人字门夹制造的开始,它被证明是业内最好的.  So, when an opportunity presented itself to become part of the JLT family, I chose to make a fresh start and join their team.   

    你可以放心,我总共30年的销售经验使我不仅能胜任, 但我们渴望帮助我们的客户找到解决方案,以满足他们的制造需求,并支持我们的经销商网络.

    随时与我联系,帮助我们的任何JLT夹紧机或胶水摊布机和配件.  I look forward to providing you with top notch service as well as quality, 美国制造, machines that will keep producing year after year. 

  • Craig Caldwell - Western 销售 Manager

    我在浩博体育app公司工作了26年,在公司担任过几个不同的职位.  我从服务工程师开始,后来成为工厂经理,然后是执行副总裁.  在我担任工厂经理和执行副总裁期间,我们度过了公司最成功的几年.  Success from setting up our new facility, which has greatly increased our capacity in both manufacturing and sales, 满足制造/生产要求,协助新产品的设计/工程.  目前, 我将把我的经验带到销售/服务部门,并搬到南加州,这样我们就可以更好地为西海岸的客户提供支持.  我将负责销售工作,但也将向客户提供我的技术背景,以延续浩博体育app长期以来的卓越客户服务.  我的机械和制造工程经验使我能够将客户需求作为项目来处理, 我们会一起努力的, to get the optimal solution for the process.

  • Marc Cutonilli - Upper Midwest / Eastern Canada 销售

    我于2016年开始在浩博体育app工作,在那里我开始组装和培训我们的机器. 然后,我开始频繁地在国内出差,提供服务,并将自己的销售范围扩大到中西部和北部各州. My knowledge of our machines and how they operate is what I am most comfortable with. Let me know if there are any questions you may have

    • marc@wujingjia.com
    • (845) 452 – 3780
  • David Allen - South Central Regional Manager

    I joined the Taylor Team in December 2020. 我是前美国海军陆战队员, 艾琳的丈夫, father to our five children and avid hunter of trout. 在从事机械销售和工艺咨询之前,我在木制品和木工行业工作了近20年. 我相信我能为我所拜访的客户带来独特的观点,因为我对我现在所服务的行业有工作知识和内部视角.

    • david@wujingjia.com
    • (832) 707 – 8392
  • Gordon Burdis - President, 销售 for the Northeast, NY, PA

    I started my career at Taylor in 2010 after a number of summers in the factory. I have experience in all departments of the factory, 维修和安装机器, 并管理了多年的销售区域,与我们的客户和分销商合作. My new role is to manage the 销售 and Service team for the company, and will be happy to help in any way possible. I look forward to working with you on a project in the near future.


Sonbyrd Industries(约翰·舒梅克)

“最近我们的Cameron锯出现了一些问题,我们需要寻求技术支持.  I wanted to inform you of the excellent service I received on multiple occasions.  雅各布和安迪·米勒都能陪我度过难关,而且非常专业. 他们能够轻易地…… 阅读更多 “Sonbyrd Industries(约翰·舒梅克)”

Lewis Cabinet (Matt Garrett -首席运营官)

浩博体育app对细节的关注和愿意根据我们的需求定制机器,这改变了我们刘易斯橱柜专业公司的游戏规则. 当我们来到他们的问题,我们面临与我们现有的夹具来自不同的制造商, 他们关心我们的需要, and willing to take on the challenge,… 阅读更多 “Lewis Cabinet (Matt Garrett -首席运营官)”

Seventeen20 (Jonathan Bucklew – Owner)

“After talking with one of the representatives, 我相信这种设置最适合我的商店的大小和需求:12 ' JLT面板夹(#79F-12-PC), 13 - 52”夹子, 26 – 40” clamps and the pneumatic panel flattener (#180A-M2). Furthermore, at the advice of my sales rep, we add the impact socket… 阅读更多 “Seventeen20 (Jonathan Bucklew – Owner)”

A Joint Effort (Josh Aguiar – Owner)

“我喜欢我的6英尺夹架. 这是我店里的游戏规则改变者. Gone are the days of laying out pipe clamps and clogging up my shop with curing glueups. Not to mention the time I’m saving on glueups. My only regrets are I didn’t buy this sooner and I didn’t get enough clamps. 但是… 阅读更多 “A Joint Effort (Josh Aguiar – Owner)”

Al 's Woodcraft公司. (杰夫·亨特——总裁)

“We have been using several JLT Door and Panel Clamps on a daily basis since 2002. They have performed well for us and no issues have arisen with them. 感谢JLT的质量… 阅读更多 “Al 's Woodcraft公司. (杰夫·亨特——总裁)


11月初, we had our open house showing off the latest and greatest machinery that we have to offer! 如果你错过了它,请随意查看下面我们三个产品线的图片! We pride ourselves on offering our customers hands-on experience with our machinery, 以及让他们见面[…]